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The Thoughts & Rambles Of A Self Proclaimed Geek.: My reactions to the Sherlock Series 2 soundtrack....


Ok, so I’ve been looking forward to downloading the Sherlock Series 2 Soundtrack all day. As soon as I got in, my laptop was on and I was very much like ‘GIVE IT TO ME!’ to iTunes….

Ahem. Anyway, it downloaded, I plonked it onto my iPod /very/ excited…

I turned it on random, and well,…


5 Flawless Supernatural Episodes | When The Levee Breaks

I won’t let my brother turn into a monster.

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I really like that fifth gif for some reason. And also, Jer in plaid. 

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Happy 25th Birthday @JesseMcCartney 

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Sneak Peak: Ellen in “Titanic” [x]

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